About us

We began our breeding program by having North American conformation dogs. It was good dogs, but they showed us that they were not able to work due to their conformation and to their temperament. A German shepherd, on the base, is a working dog which is and used with the aim of working. He has to have nerves of steel and enough power and will to work; what these dogs had in no way.

After, we tried a Sieger Show dog to see the difference. We bought him in Ontario and paid $5000 to know later that he was incapable to work due to his temperament  The breeder told us that he was able to work. In spite of an extraordinary pedigree and the time that we past for his socialization, he was extremely fearful. People of experiences tested him and asserted us that there was nothing to make and that this dog would remain shy and fearful all it's life. It was a very beautiful dog, but there was of major risks that he bites by fear because of it's temperament and we could not allow to have a dog such as this one in our breeding.

We tried various lineages and we stopped on 100 % working German Shepherd dog of lineage DDR (East Germany) and CZ (Czech Republic), because they are the most general-purpose dogs.

We believe that a German Shepherd should have no fear, ideal with children, able to work and of a temperament always equal. All these qualities, we found them in these lineages. That is why we invest a lot of time and money to have exemplary dogs.


**** We are now taken deposit for our summer litters (see Upcoming litters)****